Disneyland Family 5K -2014

Disneyland Family 5K -2014

Monday, June 25, 2007

In the Dog House

Well, I think I'm in the dog house. I've been talking about buying myself a new camera for a few weeks, but Rob didn't seem to think that I was serious. (That or he just thought I'd stop talking about it.) None of our discussions went very well, most likely because the new camera that I wanted is a Canon Rebel XTi, Digital SLR, which runs around $900. If you get it with the really good lens, the price jumps to $1200. And if you buy a second telephoto lens, like I did, the price jumps up even more. I've had some money sitting in a couple of savings accounts for years, money that I started saving even before we were married, that I decided I wanted to use.
So anyway, today I went out and bought it. I was getting tired of taking pictures of B and having them be blurry or half of her head as she moved out of the frame, etc., etc., etc. So I got this camera, with a much faster shutter speed, better lens, and all that. We'll see what happens.
But when Rob got home, we were talking, going through our days, and then as we were finishing up dinner, I sprung it on him. He was not happy, but that's life. I'm sure we will end up having another argument about it sooner, rather than later, but we'll see what happens. As it is, he has to get up early tomorrow morning, so he went to bed early. It's almost midnight and I'm still up cause I was watching t.v. and then the news. Like I said, we'll see what happens.
In the long run, I'm sure he'll mellow out about the whole thing. But right now, I think he's upset that I spent the money (and I don't disagree, it is alot of money), and I know he thinks that I'm being selfish spending it on "me," even though I'll be using it for B and taking pictures of us, but still.
So for now, I guess I'll ride it out in the dog house. In the meantime, I'm taking an online course for Photoshop Elements 5.0, which I'm going to use to improve my pictures even more. Of course, I got the camera out and was playing with it today, just waiting for Brooklyn to do something cute. As usual, she waited until the camera was turned off and put away. But that's life.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


So I completely forgot that I even had this blog, until my sister sent me an email, alerting me to the existence of hers. It reminded me that I had set one up, oh-so-many-moons ago, and so I checked it out. Sure enough, I remembered where it was and the password (which says alot, considering I had forgotten its existence in the first place.)

The last time I posted to my account was back in July, 2005. I was still being introduced to the wonders of pregnancy and experiencing all of the new and weird and fun things that go along with it.

Since then, I've had my daughter and she is now 18 months old. Gee, time flies when you're not paying attention. Plus, shortly after B was born, my body short circuited and I ended up in the ICU wing for a few days. I half-jokingly tell my hubby that anything that happened before my baby was born got wiped out. I say "half-jokingly" because there are some things that I do not remember. Certain books that I read or movies that we watched, it's just gone. I remember labor- sort of- and I remember the delivery- sort of-... although I'm not sure if I actually remember it, or if I just think I do, cause I look at the pictures alot. But the last few months of pregnany are kind of hazy and most of the first week that I was home with her is pretty much gone.

Anyway, here I sit, contacts glued to my eyes, 18 months after the fact. My little baby is starting to talk in sentences and is able to tell me what she wants to eat and when she wants it. She says "please" and "thank you" and sometimes "excuse me". She giggles non-stop and most of the time has a smile on her face. She doesn't quite get that "no" usually means that she shouldn't be playing with something or touching something... she thinks its a game and will usually say "no,no,no,no..." back. So cute that I can't stay mad at her.

I hope to keep this blog up this time, although I do blog on my MySpace account from time to time as well. One of these days, I'll become a "real" writer and stop messing around with blogs. But that's for another day... later. Maybe when B is in high school. ...