Disneyland Family 5K -2014

Disneyland Family 5K -2014

Friday, August 15, 2008

As the Years Go By

I laugh sometimes at how the radio or television seems to match my mood or fit right into how things are going in my life. Last night I was watching a movie that I've wanted to see (still haven't seen it all the way through), but one of the characters was talking about getting old. She said "If my muscles ache, it's because I've used 'em. It's hard for me to walk up them steps now, 'cuz I walked up 'em every night to lay next to a man who loved me. I got a few wrinkles here and there, but I've laid under thousands of skies with sunny days. I look and feel this way, cuz I drank and I smoked. I lived and I loved, danced, sang, sweat and screwed my way thorough a pretty damn good life. Getting old ain't bad. Getting old, that's earned."

I'm not sure why, but it touched on just the right nerve at the right time, and struck me as interesting. Sometimes I feel very old, or like I've seen too much for one lifetime. But to think of it in terms of earning it, is a twist, and put's an interesting spin on things. I "earned" my bad knees by playing hoops and volleyball for years. I "earned" the scars on my knees by riding my bike around my grandparents house. I "earned" my current bruises and muscle aches by pole dancing. Makes for an interesting analysis of life, doesn't it?

I also had a laugh this morning in the car. I was on the way to take B to school, and I looked at the bumper on the car in front of me, and it said "Dance like noone is watching, Love like it's never going to hurt." Random.

Anyway, tonight we're going to the Dodger game and tomorrow I get to play catch with Jeff Kent... sort of.

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