Disneyland Family 5K -2014

Disneyland Family 5K -2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Searching for Snow

So it's cold outside. For Southern California, it's incredibly cold. People are wandering around here bundled up like it's the great Northwest. Weather people have been going crazy, talking about the winter storm that's "blanketing" Southern California. Are they nuts? It was 46 degrees last night and all anyone could talk about was that the Santa Clarita Valley might get snow. It was supposed to snow down below 2000 feet. We're right around 1800 feet, I think, give or take. It was barely raining. Are you kidding me?

But it's cold. It's funny that when I was in Ohio, and in Rochester, we had this thing called "wind chill factor." Over there, it's so cold that you don't notice the wind chill. Whether it's 10 below or 30 below with the wind chill, you just know that you shouldn't be outside and you stay in. You light the fire, you stay warm. I didn't give it much thought until today, when I was walking across the parking lot at the preschool. My thermometer in my car said it was 50 degrees, but it was windy and man, was it cold. Wind chill.

So, here I sit, bundled in my boots and sweater. I laugh at myself because in Rochester, or Jefferson, 50 degrees was cause for celebration. At 50 degrees, we would have been outside in our shorts and t-shirts, running around the back yard, claiming that Spring had arrived. Here, where the blood is thinned and the constitution not quite for hearty, we cover up and run for the fireplace. I chuckle, as the populace gets caught up in the "will it or won't it?" quest for snow. I laugh because I got caught up in it. I woke up this morning when my alarm went off, trying to look out the window to see if there was snow. I guess you can't get past the excitement of seeing snow on the ground. Maybe it's an east coast/ midwest thing, but I got caught up. Then I remembered that it needs to be BELOW FREEZING for it to snow. duh. I think the weather-people have forgotten that. Maybe someone should remind them? Weather 101?

So I sit and wait. Maybe it will snow, and maybe it won't. A few years ago, on New Years Eve, I was on the golf course and it was about 70 degrees. I remember calling home to Ohio and laughing because I was on a golf course in the sunshine and they were bundled up in front of the heater. Much as I like sweaters, I think I like the sunshine and golf course better. Bring on the sunshine. Last time I checked, this was Southern CALIFORNIA!

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