Disneyland Family 5K -2014

Disneyland Family 5K -2014

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dream a little Dream

I dream alot. I'm not sure why, but that's just what happens. Maybe it's because there is way too much going on in my head, or maybe it's because there's not enough going on in real life (yeah, right.) I remember most of my dreams when I wake up, but they usually drift away by lunchtime and I only then remember dreaming, but not what it was about. There are a few exceptions, dreams that I remember in great detail, and recurring dreams. For awhile, I was seeing a therapist (yes, she confirmed that I was, in fact, crazy, but that's beside the point), who asked me to write down my dreams. She gave me some insight into them and I've even googled a few of them to see what's up. (Seriously, who dreams about having to go to the bathroom?!?)

One of my recurring dream themes is school. I have several different variations of this dream - in some of them I am back at my high school in Jefferson, and at some I'm in college, or in a school I've never seen before. Almost all of the time, I am either late for class and can't find the right room, or I am in the right room but don't have my book. Sometimes it is finals time and I realize that I haven't been to class the entire semester, haven't read a page in the book and have to take the test. Alot of times, I wander the halls, trying to find my locker, knowing that it is around there somewhere. Usually, my sister Trix manages to find her way into the dream, hanging out in the hall. (This might be because I was slightly traumatized by her in high school. She was only a year older, but had an inch or two and probably 20 pounds on me. Just ask the boys - she was intimidating!) I usually wake up before I have to take the test, or before I find the classroom or the book or my locker. I generally wake up feeling frustrated and tired, having "wandered" the entire time I was sleeping.

Of course, a few nights ago, I had a new twist on this old dream. I was going to school, and when I got there, they had "re-done" the school. As I looked down the hall where my locker used to be (across from Mrs. Bragga's math classroom, down the hall from the gym), there was produce. (WHAT?!). I asked a friend what had happened and she said that the lockers were moved. I immediately got worried because my books and my stuff had been in my locker. Where did it go? Where were my things? Where the heck was my locker? I'm not sure how, but in my dream, I managed to find the locker. The remainder of the dream (cut short by the morning alarm) was spent hanging out by our lockers, which also seemed to be the aisles of our local Ralph's supermarket. The meat department was at the end of one aisle of lockers and the cereal just was down the way. I have no idea- trust me.

My therapist had suggested that this recurrning dream about school might have something to do with a feeling that I needed to get something done, or feeling like there was something I hadn't completely. (Ya think? I've got a scrap room full of 1/2 done projects.) So I'm not sure what this new variation meant. If nothing else, I wouldnt' have to look for my lunch, it was probably right there in the salad bar a few aisles over.

Another slight variation of the school dream, is the sports dream. I find myself back in high school or college, trying out for the volleyball or basketball team again. These dreams also have variations - sometimes I am worried that I won't make the team, sometimes I realize that the season is half over and I haven't been to practice, alot of times, we are headed to a game and I don't have my uniform. Last night was yet another twist on this, basketball team again. This time Anita was there (point guard from high school) and we -along with the rest of the team, that sported some of my college teammates- were going through some kind of training. At one point, we went into a side gym and there were groups of girls of all ages - almost like a basketball came- running around. As we went through the training course, we had to jump up and grab onto a bar, and pull our legs up, sort of a gymnastic move, to test our upper body strength. (It's a dream, it's not supposed to make sense!) Everyone in front of me did the move, dropped onto the mats on the floor and then moved on. For some reason, when I got up to the bar, it turned into a swing and I was suddenly swinging across the gym, almost like a trapeze. Very weird.

I don't have any insight into what that one meant, other than that I sometimes feel like things are completely out of my control (I was swinging farther and farther out and couldn't figure out how to stop). As for going through try-outs again, who knows. Maybe it's because I long for the days of being in shape, but don't miss 3-a-days in August heat. oy.

I'll stop boring you now with these random dreams. I suppose I should go to work now?

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