Disneyland Family 5K -2014

Disneyland Family 5K -2014

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is there such a thing as too much....

Scrapbooking supplies? I've decided that I'm not really a scrapbooker, but more of a collector. And of course I was online ordering more today. I went to the site of one of my favorite designers, Reminisce, under the excuse of looking for baby shower ideas (I'm throwing one for a friend in a few months and doing some recon.) By the way, I should be WORKING right now. Anyway... I ended up buying a bunch of other paper, for other things. In the process, I noticed that they are having a contest which sounds like it is right up my alley. Design an album based on their newest line of paper, "Passport" which is all about various dream destinations. I also happened to check out the blog for a local scrapbook store and they are having a design team contest. Looks like I'll need to set aside some time to scrapbook. Oh wait, I'm going to Vegas this weekend.

And, in the midst of re-creating my family room, I'm still trying to sort through the thousands of pictures that I took in Europe. One of my goals for 2010 is to complete the albums for Europe 2004 AND Europe 2009. We'll see how that goes.

In the meantime, it's raining cats and dogs and I need to get some work done. But I'm starting to feel a little antsy about my crafting too. I need to start watching television in my office/craft room again. That reminds me... I got the Becky Higgins 365 kit that I need to get cracking on as well. ARGH!

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