Disneyland Family 5K -2014

Disneyland Family 5K -2014

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Little Help, here please?

A very dear friend of mine from high school is trying to raise money to send her son on an amazing trip to Europe with a high school singing group, Sound of America Honor Band and Chorus.  (He auditioned and was selected to join this elite group.)  The cost of the trip is enormous and she has other financial strain related to personal medical issues.  While she is struggling to raise the money for this trip, she is also struggling for personal health.

To raise money to send her son on this trip, she has done fundraisers at local restaurants and collected donations.  She has enlisted the help of friends who are demonstrators or sell products such as Scentsy and Pampered Chef and others, to donate a portion of their profits.  Friends and family are rallying to send this young man on this trip.  If you've ever been to Europe, you know how amazing it can be and what an experience such a trip is.  If you've ever been to Jefferson, Ohio or any other small town in the Midwest, you can imagine how out-of-reach this trip might seem for a young adult there.  I'm doing what I can to help with her efforts and now I'm turning to my friends all over to help as well.

Here is my friend's recent post from her Facebook page about the status of her fundraising for his trip:  "Ok, the bottom line with [his] trip... We have to raise 2700 more to cover just the trip. But we also have to have 500 for his required attire. Another couple hundred for travel insurance and the suggested amount to travel with because not all meals are paid for nor are any extra sight seeing or communication... Such as phone cards which is 1000. We are selling raffle tickets to win one of 4 large items, a beautiful watch from jr hoftsetter in Jefferson, a $100 gas card, a kindle, or iPod. These tickets are $10 a piece. The drawing is June 10. I need our friends and families help. I need 30 people to try and help sell 10. If you could sell 10, $10 dollar tickets. No matter where you live, it would help so much."

If you're thinking "so, what do you want from me?" here it is.  I want your Starbucks money for the rest of the week.  I want you to skip that ice cream or latte or extra-large popcorn at the movies this weekend.  I want $10 from you.  I want you to email me or facebook message me and tell me that you'd like to enter the raffle to win a Kindle or a iPod or a gas card (cause we all need that these days!) and then I want you to send me or give me (those who are close to me) that $10 or $20 for your tickets.  I'll even sweeten the deal... if one of my friends or connections out there wins the Kindle, I'll toss in $25 in Amazon money to buy books for it, and if one of you wins the iPod, I'll throw in $25 in iTunes store credit.  How does that sound?

Don't worry about logistics, I'll take care of getting your names on those tickets and of getting the prizes that you (hopefully) win to you.  Just worry about getting your money to me and I'll get it to my friend.  (I promise, this isn't a scam to get money to buy another pair of shoes.  There isn't any room in my closet right now.) 

Having grown up in Jefferson, where my friend and her son live, I know what it is like to wonder about the great big world out there.  Having been lucky enough to go to some of the wonderful places in Europe, I really hope that he can go and want to do whatever I can to help.  (Yes, I already bought some new Scentsy stuff. ;))

Please consider helping my friend and her son, and THANK YOU!!

If you are curious about the program that is taking the trip, you can check out their website at http://www.soundofamerica.org/  which has information about the trip, the stops that they are making and performances.

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