Disneyland Family 5K -2014

Disneyland Family 5K -2014

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Fitness Challenge" - Day 8

My faithful readers will remember a recent post where I mentioned that I was trying out a "fitness challenge."  I prefer not to call it a "diet," because in some ways, it is a change in the way I approach food.  I have a protein shake for breakfast and a second one either at lunch or at dinner.  The non-shake meal is as close to vegan as I want to make it, but high in protein.  I cannot really bring myself to give up the meat, so I try for leaner cuts or go with chicken.  I also cannot really give up cheese or eggs (or other "animal products") but I have cut back on what I eat of those.  This goes for 30 days.  I am on Day 8.

It has been 8 days since I have had a soda.  I am not really missing it and I thought I would have massive withdrawal headaches, but I have not.  I have only had unsweetened iced tea (the only way I drink it anyway), twice and otherwise have drank water.  A LOT of water.

Before some of you get upset and tell me that it sounds like a "diet" or even worse, a "fad diet," I will tell you that I am also working on the "fitness" part of it.  I have been playing basketball in a league each week for about a year.  Although I've been off for a few weeks, I am still playing.  I just started playing in a volleyball league on Tuesday nights.  (By the way, it is never the day after that hurts, it is 2 days after.)  I have also been trying to get back into running.  (I keep saying that I need to train for this 1/2 marathon in August that I signed up for and the calendar keeps ticking off days and weeks without me getting much training in.  I'm starting to feel a little crazy about it!)

But I digress.  So, this new way of eating and looking at food.  I honestly am not feeling much different and I don't think that my eating style had to drastically change to fit the program.  Most mornings, I would either not eat breakfast at all, or I would have a plain biscuit from McDonald's with a large (unsweetened) iced tea.  If not that, then water and a granola bar.  I think the protein shakes are better for me, keep me full longer, and don't have as many calories as the biscuit.  Lunches usually involved a sandwich of some kind and soda, so I know my calories have been cut way back for that meal.  I'm not really missing the bread, but I am running out of ideas for the days I have a meal at lunch rather than a shake.  I had a tiny piece of bread on Sunday with dinner (steak and potato and salad) and I had a few tortilla chips with lunch on Tuesday.  Otherwise, not really much carbs, other than what comes in fruit.  (Although I did have gluten free pasta salad last night.)

With all of this, what could be the problem?  Well, I am not seeing the weight start to move yet.  I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scale on Day 1, it was not as high as I had thought it would be.  But it hasn't moved much since.  It went down a 1/2 pound, but then back up a pound and I haven't checked since it did that.  I did not want to be depressed.

A few years ago, I did weight watchers and figured out the hard way that I had to eat all of my daily points, plus a few of the weekly "extra" points in order for the weight to start to come off.  My body just needed that much or it went into survival mode, trying to pack on everything I put in.  I am wondering if the same thing isn't happening now.  I switched breakfast and lunch and completely dropped out the soda and almost completely dropped out the bread - so does my body think I'm starving it and is trying to save what I eat for dinner?  I may have to work with things a bit to see if more snacking during the day helps keep things moving.

At the grocery store last night, I loaded up on cucumbers, celery and carrots, all to the chorus of "yuck" and "ewww" from my girls. (Except for the carrots, they love carrots.)  I try to include a vegetable with each meal and make them eat just a bit (at least) before giving in.  I am hoping that by having those veggies available (I still need to cut them up and get them ready,) I will be more likely to grab those than anything else if I get a hungry moment. (Of course, that means I have to actually cut them up and prepare them.)  I also have a fridge full of zucchini from my last farm-fresh delivery.... anyone got any good recipes?

In any event, week 2 of the challenge has started.  We will see how it goes.  I guess I will have to step on the scale tomorrow to see what is what.  The results that other women are posting look great and make it sound like it works. (Some women are posting that they have lost between 7 and 10 pounds in 30 days and some feel so great after the 30 days that they keep going.)  Very inspirational to hear, but of course I have to work with things to see how my body reacts.  And of course, everyone's results vary.  I will let you all know when any big drops happen.  Til then... happy eating.

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